I see divorce as a last resort.  When I meet with a prospective client for the first time, I find out what has happened before she or he got to my office.  How much thought has been given to the decision to seek a divorce?  What efforts have been made to preserve this marriage?  How long has each party been thinking about a divorce?  Is the person I am meeting with the "leaver" or the "leavee"?

To achieve a "good divorce", I work with a client to "manage" her or his emotions throughout the process.  The emotions a person experiences in a divorce cannot be avoided.  A person going through a divorce may experience a range of emotions, including:  sadness, disappointment, anger, betrayal, fear, shock, surprise, confusion.  I work with a client to avoid being taken over by any one or more emotions, so she or he can gather necessary documents, process the information collected, and think clearly, in order to make well-informed decisions for his or her future and the future of their family.