There is such a thing as a "good divorce".  Divorce does not have to be a dreaded experience.  The key to a "good divorce" is how the people involved treat each other throughout the process.  In a "good divorce" neither party gets everything she or he wants.  Both parties must be willing to compromise, cooperate, and most of all, work together, to produce the best possible outcome for their family.  The ingredients for a "good divorce" and a "healthy family" are:

  • Listen to the other side.
  • Conduct yourself in a way you can be proud of.
  • Treat the other side with respect.
  • Keep your promises and follow through.
  • Focus on the future.
  • If children are involved, put their needs first.

A couple who is prepared to work hard, and actively participate in their own divorce, at every step along the way, can achieve a "good divorce".

It is important for a couple, either considering or going through a divorce, to be aware of the impact, the way they treat each other during this difficult time, does have on them, their children, their families, their friends, their co-workers, their neighbors, and others close to them or who they care about.  Patience and good judgment are required for a “good divorce” and a “healthy family”.  Following these common sense guidelines is a respectful and sensible way to get a divorce and get on with your life.